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Starting an E-mail
Dear (name), Hello, (name), Hi, (name)
How are you? How's everything? What’s up?
I hope things are going well with you these days. 
I hope you are well. 
Reason for writing
I am writing to tell you about …
I am writing because ... 
The reason I am writing is because... 
I wanted to ask you a favour... 
I would like to ...
Responding to an e-mail
Thanks for your email. 
Thank you very much for your email/letter
It's nice to hear from you
I was glad to hear from you.
It was great to hear from you. 
Sorry for not writing earlier. 
I hope you and your family are well. 
Referring to their news
Great news about … Glad to hear that … Sorry to hear about …
Giving news
Listen, did I tell you about … You’ll never believe what …
Oh, and another thing … This is just to let you know that …
I thought you might be interested to hear about/know that …
By the way, have you heard about/did you know that …
I’m writing to apologise for missing your party but I’m afraid I was with flu.
I’m really sorry that I forgot to send you a birthday card but I was busy with my new job.
If you let me know where you bought it/how much it cost I’ll gladly pay for it/replace it.
Please let me know how much the bill is and I’ll gladly pay it.
I’m/We’re having a party on Friday 19th and I/we hope you’ll be able to come.
Would you like to come/go to see ‘Room With a View’ with me at the weekend.
I was wondering if you’d like to go to the theatre/come on holiday with us?
Could you let me/us know if you can come/you’d like to join us?
Thank you very much for your invitation. I’d love to come.
Thank you for asking/inviting me to … but I’m afraid I won’t be able to …
I’m writing to ask for your help/you (if you could do me) a favour.
I wonder if/I was wondering if you could help me/do me a favour.
I hope you don’t mind me asking but could you (possibly) …?
I’d be very/really/terribly grateful if you could …
Giving thanks
Congratulations! Good luck!
I’m writing to thank you for the wonderful present.
It was so kind of you to invite me to stay with you.
I really appreciated all your help/advice.
Congratulations on passing your exams/your excellent exam results!
I wish you good luck/Good luck in/with your exams/your driving test/your interview.
Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll do well/pass.
Making suggestions and recommend
Why don’t you …? Maybe you could …? How about …?
You can’t leave New York without doing something
I’m sure you will enjoy doing something If you like, we can …
Don’t forget to do something (Imperative -> Strong Recommendation)
I’m told that … People say that … (If you heard something is good)
Ending an email
I look forward to hearing from you. 
I'm looking forward to seeing you again
I hope to see you soon
Write soon! Write back!
Give my regards to (your family, wife, husband, boyfriend, etc)
Please, let me know your thoughts about (my plan, our trip)
All the best,
Best wishes,
Lots of love,
With love,  
Lots of love,
Date: Thursday, September 13, 2012 9:14 a.m.
Subject: accepting your invitation
Dear Mary,
Thank you very much for your email and invitation.
Of course I want to go visit you in October! It will be a great pleasure since I have never been to Germany before.
I want to know a couple of things before I make my suitcase. What kind of clothes should I bring? I'd also like to know what I could bring for your parents and you. Do you like Spanish food? Any preferences?
I've read a lot about the Black Forest so I'm prepared to go hiking like you suggested. I would also love to visit the German Clock Museum in Furtwagen and see the Triberg Waterfalls.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.
All the best,
Dear Jane,
I received your letter yesterday. It was very nice hearing from you. I’ve been studying very hard these days for my Chemistry exam. But now some free time came up, so we can meet. 

I checked the cinema program and guess what ... my favourite movie “Scent of a Woman” is on the screen now! You know I’ve seen it a hundred times, but I will enjoy seeing it again. My exam is in two days, so we can go after that. Do you fancy having a pizza after the movie? 

You remember Tom and Frank from my class, don’t you? They are also interested in coming, it’ll be funnier. Why don’t we meet at 6 p.m. in front of the cinema? If something comes up, text me. 
Lots of love,

Your address
The return address should be written in the top right-hand corner of the letter.
The address of the person you are writing to
The inside address should be written on the left, starting below your address.
You can write it on the right or the left on the line after the address you are writing to. Write the month as a word.
I am writing to complain about...
I am sorry to inform you that...
I was very disappointed with...
I have some complaints about...
I am writing for information about...  
I would like to learn/ know more about...
I would like to ask whether/ if...  
I would be grateful if you could...
Salutation or greeting
1) Dear Sir or Madam,
If you do not know the name of the person you are writing to, use this.
2) Dear Mr Jenkins,
If you know the name, use the title (Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms, Dr, etc.) and the surname only. If you are writing to a woman and do not know if she uses Mrs or Miss, you can use Ms, which is for married and single women.
Ending a letter
1) Yours faithfully, (If you do not know the name of the person, end the letter this way)
2) Yours sincerely, (If you know the name of the person, end the letter this way)
Your signature
Sign your name, then print it underneath the signature.
22 Brown Street
N22 5ZT
23rd May 2005
The Director
The English School
12 Bridge Street
L30 6NN
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to enquire about English Summer courses at your school.
I would be grateful if you could send me further details regarding courses in August. I would like to know the starting dates, details about different types of courses and how much they cost.
In addition, I would like to have further information about accommodation with host families.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,
Jane Smith
Jane Smith
  1. Title
  2. Introduction
  3. Developing your ideas
  4. Conclusion expressing your personal opinion
Getting the reader involved
Do you want to spend your holidays in one of the finest places in the world?
Planning your holiday / wedding can be hard, but not if you follow our advice / read these lines.
Just imagine...
Have you ever...?
How would you feel if ...?
Are you one of those people who ...?
If the answer is ..., you should....
What would your life be like if...
Making the article lively and interesting
I was absolutely terrified when I realised...
More importantly, it was something I...
Not surprisingly, it's a good way of raising money.
The tent was worryingly small for three people!
It was the most amazing experience I have ever had.
Developing your ideas
Let me first point out...
One advantage is... 
Let's start with ...
Another advantage of ...
On the one hand,
On the other hand, ...
Giving your opinion
In my opinion,
It seems to me that …
I think that …
If you ask me,
As I see it,
This is true to a certain extent, but ….
There is a certain amount of truth in this argument, but …
Another argument against … is that …
I cannot agree with this viewpoint, since …
I personally feel that ...
I find it hard to see why ...
I certainly don't believe that ...
It is difficult to believe that ...
I object to …..
Stating other people’s opinions
These days, many people say that ….
Many people feel that
Nowadays, we often hear people say that …..
In the last few years it has become fashionable to say that ….
The question of whether … is one which is often discussed these days.
There are several arguments which can be made in favour of the statement.
In support of this view it may be said that …..
On the other hand, it can also be argued that …
It is widely believed that ...    
Another argument in favour is ...
It is clear from the facts that ...
It is often suggested that ….
Contrasting points
On the one hand, …  On the other hand ...
Other people think ...
An opposing argument is ...
Organising and linking your ideas
Firstly / secondly / In the first place / Lastly
First of all, … Secondly, … In addition, … Moreover, … Furthermore, …
So …  As a result, … Therefore, … However, …  On the whole …  Finally, …  
To show purpose:
to / in order to / so as to / so that
To contrast ideas:
However / although / in contrast / whereas / but / nevertheless / in spite of / despite
To describe a cause:
Because / since / as / due to
To show a sequence:
First of all / then / after that / eventually / in the end / finally
To add information:
In addition / moreover / what is more / besides / also / too / furthermore / and
To describe a consequence:
Consequently / as a result / therefore / so / thus / for this reason / that is why
In conclusion, I have to say that …
On balance, therefore, I feel that …
To sum up,  …                 In short, …
One of the nicest beaches in Spain: Playa Papagayo
Do you want to know one of the best beaches in Spain? Come to Lanzarote. In the National Park of Los Ajaches you can find one of the finest beaches in Europe. You can easily access the beach either by car or catamaran. 
There are several reasons why this beach will surprise you once you get there. First of all, you'll be delighted by the spectacular views from the top of the dunes. Crystal clear lukewarm waters, where you can safely swim or dive and be surrounded by colourful fish. 
Then, the fine sand will cover you feet and you'll be able to lie and sunbathe very close to the sea with almost no waves. And, finally if you are hungry or thirsty you can climb up the dunes and sit on a terrace contemplating the impressive views while having a cool beer, a nice Margarita or a delicious hamburger. 
What are you waiting for? Come to Papagayo beach, in my opinion, one of the nicest beaches in Europe where you can enjoy the nice weather, the great views of the sea, and the lovely food.
  1. Title
  2. Introduce the purpose of your review
  3. Description of the place, event, book, etc.
  4. Conclusion: include a final opinion giving recommendations
Useful phrases
There are several reasons why I would recommend …  I was impressed by …
I definitely recommend this film to everybody …
On a scale from zero to five, I give this film/concert/book a five.
I highly/strongly/definitely recommend the film.
If you like …, this is the film/book/concert for you.
I certainly wouldn’t recommend the film/concert, because …
I’m afraid … is a complete waste of time and money.
Adjectives you can use
amusing, beautiful, (extremely) boring, exciting, breathtaking, captivating, (totally/slightly)confusing, disappointing, enjoyable, entertaining, fantastic, (totally/rather) far-fetched, (truly) fascinating, funny, hilarious, humorous, inspiring, masterful, perfect, (un)realistic, ridiculous, romantic, overacted, overrated, (im)perfect, predictable, provocative, surprising, unbelievable, unoriginal, badly acted
Facebook: my favorite website
Facebook is a very popular social networking service which has millions of users all over the world.
To access this website you must first register. Once you are in you may create a profile, add friends, upload photos or videos, play online games, write about what you're doing, and many more things. 
There are three reasons why I would recommend Facebook. The first reason is that you can be in contact with friends that you would otherwise seldom see. If they are connected you can communicate real time.
The second reason is because you can share things with friends and family. I personally love to share photos, opinions about places I have visited, or films I have seen.  More sharing means more engagement with people and groups of interest. I've some had some interesting online discussions. And, the last reason is that it helps you to write the story of your life.
So if you haven't joined it yet, I would highly recommend you to do so, especially if you like to be in touch with your friends and like sharing things like I do. 

WRITING A REPORT (informe)/ ESSAY (trabajo)
  1. Title
  2. Introduction including the purpose of the report or essay
  3. Description/ For and against arguments / recommendations
  4. Conclusion
The objective of this report/essay is to...
The aim of this report/ essay is to explain /analyse / compare / suggest / recommend
Reporting results
Some people think / say / argue that …
Many people complained, suggested, recommended....
Presenting a list
The following items should be taken into account:
The following advantages should be considered:
The advantages/ disadvantages are as follow:
These main disadvantages are the following:
The most convincing arguments in favour of ... are:
Here is the list of benefits:
1. …
Making recommendations
Therefore, I would recommend that…         I would like to suggest/recommend …
I therefore suggest/recommend …              You may wish to consider …
In conclusion, I would like to stress that...   There is no doubt that...   
Given this, it can be concluded that...
How to get more clients for the pet shop "Meow"
The aim of this report is to find ways to get more clients for the pet shop "Meow". I have kept a record of relevant facts that I have seen during a two-week period and I have asked some clients their opinion on the shop.
What the clients say 
The interviewed clients said the following:
  • They did not like the veterinarian because he was sometimes rude to them.
  • They could not find certain products for their dogs.
  • Some products, like puppy-food, were much more expensive than in other pet shops.
My observations
I observed that three clients left the shop without buying anything because I could not answer their questions about some of the new products. Also, there were a couple of clients who did not like our policy of not returning their money when the fish they had just bought died.
In light of the above, I recommend writing and implementing some shop guidelines for all the employees. These guidelines should, at least, include the following items:
  • Protocol with clients: how to greet them, offer information, apologise, call them when the product they want gets to the shop, etc.
  • Shop organization: how to display the products, information about new products.
  • Returning policies regarding fish and other animals.
  • Prices: compare prices with shops around the area to offer better deals.

It had been a long and rainy day...
The first thing that happened
At first,
I couldn’t believe my eyes
It began with … It started with;
What happened before and during the story
before …. then … at first, … next …  later … during … after that … afterwards … when … finally, … as soon as … A few days earlier … Just after that … Some time later … Following the accident … Later on… after that,  just then,  afterwards, when, once (meaning after), just as, then, after some time, gradually, step by step,  On the following day, while, that evening, the next morning
Suddenly; out of the sudden; slowly; immediately
Ending: conclude your story and reveal any unexpected events. Mention the consequences of the story and what relevance it has for your or other characters.
In the end, eventually, finally, it ended with, it turned out that …
Jane woke up in the middle of the night. Her room was filled with the moonlight. She lay in her bed for a while watching weird figures appearing on the wall. 'Hmm. It is strange. The moonlight does not cast shadows' - Jane observed but she was too drowsy to give it a deeper thought.
The girl began falling asleep again when she heard a strange whisper. The sound was unusual enough to draw her attention. Jane got up and tiptoed to the window. Hidden behind the curtain and unnoticed by anyone, she witnessed an extraordinary meeting. It was sort of an animal counsel. There were a lot of different species participating in this specific get-together. They sat together in two circles - bigger animals found place on the ground and birds shared the branches above them. The group discussed something - Jane was sure of that, but she did not understand a single word of their language.
Next morning Jane woke up on the floor next to her bed. She still thought of her funny dream while making breakfast. Her cat was sitting on the sill, watching her with narrowed eyes...
- Include the date. You can also include information about the weather.
- Use adjectives to express your feelings: upset, happy, excited, scared, surprised, upset
- Use past tenses: I was going to the cinema when I saw / met …
- Use linking words: then, later, after that, finally
- Use handwriting fonts
- You can use informal language (gonna) and contractions.

Friday 28th May 17:25                                                                                      Sunny
Dear Diary,
It’s mum’s birthday!! We are going to the city to have dinner. I can't tell you how old she is I am afraid but I can tell you she doesn't look her age (in a good way).
Today at school we had a peaceful lesson because it’s Friday so we had a rest! I am still excited for Lincolnsfield and I am too excited I feel like I am born to be happy. I am also excited about the world cup. I am supporting England! Now do you get why I feel like I was born to be happy? In all of my holidays, I feel free to play around and it is summer now so it’s nice to go out in the garden and play. Right now I feel really hot I have to have an ice-cream! Mum’s calling me. I have to go!

See you tomorrow! xxx

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